Females Favorite Paco Rabanne Perfume For Mens Review


Paco Rabanne by Muaban Perfume is listed on number 1 spot in their official list of Mens Best smelling perfume in 2019 for its popular gentle and fruity but floral scent that is intended for younger perfume wearers, especially those that understand romanticism at its finest. The Paco Rabanne perfume was released by MuaBan Perfume to follow in the footsteps of the Lacoste perfume known as Touch of Pink, which was released in the year 2004 and happened to be wildly successful. The Paco Rabanne perfume keeps the same rosy hues of the Touch of Pink perfume afloat with this brand new introductory fragrance, which is intended to be a permanent addition to this line of fragrances. It is both zesty and soft, featuring passion fruit and ruby ??orange notes that are finely tempered with vanilla and musk.

Notable Notes – The most notable notes in the Paco Rabanne perfume include Passion Fruit, Cedar Wood, Stephanotis, Musk, Quince Blossom, Magnolia, Touch of Vanilla, Blood Orange and Lemon.

Recommended Use – The recommended use for the Paco Rabanne perfume is daytime use, especially for younger women as it is a chypre fruity fragrance.

Availability – It is available in 50 ml and 90 ml or 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz flacons.

The Paco Rabanne perfume is a fresh, fruity and chypre perfume intended for women, and it is a brand new fragrance from the house of Lacoste that was just released in February of this year, 2009. It is available in a couple of different sizes, including a 50 ml or 1.7 oz bottle and a 90 ml or a 3.4 oz bottle, and it only comes as a Eau de Toilette. Its composition includes a number of gorgeous and sensuous notes including vanilla, musk, white cedar, stephanotis, quince blossom, pink magnolias, lemon, passion fruit and blood red orange.

The Paco Rabanne perfume by Muaban Perfume is definitely aimed at a younger type of crowd, in the bottle design as well as the notes. But what is unique that makes this perfume great is that you can also wear it if you are more mature but still young at heart, because it is a fun and sexy, flirty kind of perfume that you really should be wearing if you want to feel young again, and beautiful all throughout the day. The biggest problem with the Paco Rabanne perfume is that it does not have a lot of lasting power, and so a result you are going to need to be willing to reapply it halfway through the day in order to get the most out of this particular fragrance.