Choosing Engagement Rings Made Easy: 5 Checklist Points that will make it a Good Buy


Looking for the perfect engagement ring? These 5 factors will help you narrow down your options and select a good ring for your fiancé.

Buying an engagement ring can be very overwhelming. After all, it is a token of your love and eternal promise of togetherness. You certainly want it to be special! It takes a lot of time and effort to find something that she would love to flaunt. Here are the 5 points that you should keep in mind while buying an engagement ring.

  1. Buying the Right Ring Band: The band of the engagement ring significantly determines its appearance. You can choose from a variety of materials that are available in the market. The most popular choices are white gold, silver, platinum, and yellow gold. Women usually prefer the look of the ring more than its durability thus making gold and silver a good choice. You can also have a fusion of materials for the ring band to get the desired appearance.
  2. Picking a Quality Diamond: The diamond is the most essential part of any engagement ring. While shopping for the perfect diamond, you should keep the 4 C’s in mind; carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. The cut of the diamond should be such that it reflects light at its best. The clarity of the diamond can be discussed with the jeweller and the more the clarity, the better it is. The weight of a diamond is proportional to its cost, and its colour also determines the overall look.
  3. The shape of the Diamond: Another factor that you need to consider is the shape of the diamond. You can choose the right shape based on your lady’s choice. Each shape has its own grace. The possible shapes for the diamond are round, oval, heart, princess, and pear.
  4. Setting of the Ring: The placement of diamond on the ring determines its setting. The types of ring settings are Tiffany Setting, Eternity Band, Bezel Setting, Pave Setting, Channel Setting and the like. You can also get a combination of these settings while curating the ring. It is advised to know your fiancé’s preference before buying one.
  5. Carat of the Gold: Lastly, you should also consider the carat of gold while choosing the perfect engagement ring. 100% pure gold is easy to dent and is very malleable. It is mixed with durable metals such as copper and zinc for it to last longer. Diamond rings with 14k or 18k gold are ideal since they are very durable, unlike the 24k rings.

Thus, by considering the factors mentioned above, you can buy the ideal ring for your fiancé. The type of ring you choose also depends on her personality and style. Some women prefer elegant and traditional designs while some go for a contemporary and modern look. Moreover, you should also consider deciding your budget before looking for the engagement rings for your sweetheart. The authenticity of the ring you buy depends on the certifications and insurance of the ring, which is why you should get it verified as well.