2 Best Creams for Melasma Treatment

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All skin conditions are terrible to experience. However, melasma is probably one of the worst ones to have to deal with on a daily basis.

The reason melasma is so terrible is because it is very noticeable. When melasma appears on your skin it looks like dark spots that came out of nowhere. These dark spots are very difficult to remove because the cause of the problem is usually internal.

Cause of Melasma

Melasma is usually caused by an internal problem like hormonal changes which is why pregnant women are very susceptible to developing this unwanted skin hyperpigmenation. Over at Finally Melasma Free they state, “melasma is often called the mask of pregnancy because it affects mostly pregnant women”. However, once you give birth the melasma usually fades away on its own without any form of treatment. In some cases though the melasma doesn’t leave on its own and treatment is necessary.

Another common cause of melasma are your genes. If your family tree has someone in it who suffered from melasma before then don’t be surprised if you develop it too eventually. Melasma can affect you at any age in your life which is why it’s considered a very unpredictable problem.

Finally, excessive sun exposure is another common cause of melasma development. When you stay in the sun longer than you need to it can cause the melanin in your skin to go into overdrive.

When this happens the result is dark spots appearing on different areas on your face. This is why people with melasma are recommended to apply sunscreen protection regularly each day to not only reduce their hyperpigmentation, but also keep it from returning once it’s removed.

2 Best Creams for Melasma Treatment

When it comes to melasma treatments creams are usually the first thing recommended by dermatologists. Most dermatologists will recommend a cream made with hydroquinone. Hydroquinone creams are popular for removing hyperpigmentations like melasma because it is a very potent skin lightening ingredient.

In order for it to work you’ll to apply the hydroquinone cream daily for a couple months to begin seeing your melasma fading away. However, long term usage of hydroquinone is not recommended for everyone. Some people’s skin can’t take long term use of hydroquinone because it causes adverse side effects.

If you find yourself not able to apply hydroquinone on your skin you can try other alternatives such as retin A. Creams made with retin A are a little safer for the skin because it’s a derivative of vitamin A. All you have to do is apply the retin A on the affected areas on your skin to fade away the dark spots easily.


Clearing away your melasma with creams such as retin A and hydroquinone are one way to get rid of melasma fast. However, there are other treatments worth a try.

Natural treatments like taking MSM supplements can help re-balance your hormones and treat the melasma from the inside. Then you have natural skin lightening remedies that help keep your skin melasma free without having to worry about side effects.